A question may come to Your mind : Why Space Elevators rather than other companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ?

The answer is simply number of points including:

  • Specialized in non-traditional projects and the possibility of finding a suitable solution for all the difficult circumstances.
  • A wide variety of options and designs to suit all tastes and offers all the requirements.
  • Study of the project and discussed with the client and taken cognizance of all the information and details relating to the project before starting to exchange of views and suggestions to reach a total customer satisfaction.
  • Study the load of the elevator in order to get the best performance for the client , our elevators load standards is more than the global standards with five kilograms per person without compromising safety standards , for example, if the number of people required is 8 people weight of the world's standard is 600 kg rate of 75 kg per person , but in the case of Fuji Space Elevator will be the net weight of 8 persons 640 kg .
  • Rail and the basic chassis is made of a special modified kind of steel made to resist the rust and corrosion in wet atmosphere.
  • Speed of 1 meter per second is controlled by a computer microchip system for the VVVF controllers to insure the best movement and make it very smooth and quiet without the vibration .
  • Maps and engineering drawings comes directly from the factory to avoid any mistakes or human engineering errors , therefore these maps are created by the most sophisticated software that implements the environment that going to install the elevator in and Simulation any other factors that may affect the installation and the operation of the elevator.
  • Fluorescent lighting is whiter and brighter than other lights and  non-yellowing with the passage of time while providing a tremendous power in the use case .
  • Marble floor is decorated with scratch-resistant flooring can be installed bearing the logo of companies and private institutions upon request.
  • Inner walls of the elevator stainless steel with a gloss is irreversible.
  • All the wires are isolated in plastic pipes thermal resistance of high temperature.
  •  Warning system for weight control is installed , and if there is extra weight the elevator will not work until get rid of it , to insure maximum safety.
  • Microchip computer to control and record moves as a kind of elevator control using artificial intelligence to analyze the errors and faults in the case of its presence until it is dealt with by our technical staff who is trainers to deal with these devices in every visit for maintenance.
  • Space elevator is one of the easiest to use elevators in case of emergency or technical fault , after the installation is completed Space Elevators will  train the responsible person (the building's residents - guard of the building - security guards) to act in case of emergency or power outages.
  • All of the Space Elevator to be installed and run in the factory for a period of not less than three days continuously to test any defects parts before shipment and installation at the customer site to avoid any problems in installation or when running.