Due to the large number of obstacles and mistakes in which many clients because of poor planning
of the location and type of elevator to be installed, especially with sizes required , we found that its must
to show and explain some important points that may benefit the client and provide him a lot of
time saving tips :
  • First, before you start planning and request of elevator ,  the client must specify the type of elevator is required and the purpose of use in the initial planning stage so we can customize the type of elevator appropriate for him .


  • All elevators and escalators are customized and installed specifically for each client individually so as to avoid technical and human errors , and to process the client request according to the specifications required takes anywhere from 4 to 6 months until import and begin the installation , so the earlier for the customer to submit the request , the enough time for us to prepare and supply the elevator on time .


  • The mainpower breaker is to be installed in the site of the elevator's machine with the power of 60 A , Saudi Electricity Company can increase the power provided to the customer once its verified by the building's drawing .


  • The Depth of the Elevator's shaft should not be lower than 150 cm in the case of traditional elevators and 40 cm in the case of the pit-less elevators , the last stoppage floor must be at least 3.80 meters in the case of a machine room and 4.5 m in case of room less , and the size of the machine room must be 2 2 2 meters , as the following graphics:


  • Space Elevators prepared to meet all inquiries and engineering drawings and graphics of  machine room slots and all that free of charge to all customers without exception, as we can Supervise and Consultant for those who wish free of charge.


  • Size and area of passengers cabin entirely dependent on space and size of elevator's shaft presented by the client , to choose the best cabin size based on the customer's requirement please follow the following table :
Shaft Size (CM) Cabin Size (CM) No. Persons Load (Kg) Door Opening
140 x 140 60 x 60 2-5 420 Manual
160 x 160 100 x 100 6 420 Automatic
180 x 180 120 x 120 8 640 Automatic
200 x 200 140 x 140 10 800 Automatic
230 x 230 160 x 160 12 960 Automatic
  • The next table shows the sizes and standards of HomeLift :
Shaft Size (CM) Cabin Size (CM) No. Persons Load (Kg) Door Size Possibility To Load Wheel Chair
120 x 120 80 x 80 2-5 420 75 NO
140 x 140 100 x 100 6 420 75 YES
150 x 150 80 x 130 8 640 75 YES
160 x 160 100 x 130 10 800 90 YES