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Traction Machine with Room



This type of traction machine elevators uses a traction machine located usually in a special room in the top of the elevator's shaft , this type is highly efficient because the top room provide an easy access to the traction machine and the control panel , usually the customer prefer to install an air-condition with a timer to set the working period in order to cool the machine and the elevator's shaft as well .

From this drawing you will notes the elevators parts design can be sorted in to five parts :

1-The Control Panel .

2- Machine's Gear .

3- Traction Machine .

4- Counterweight .

5- Main and Counterweight rails.


Machine room location can be adjusted based on the customer's need and shaft design with a total flexibility to be in the top , down and beside the shaft too .

The recommended room size is 2000 x 2000 x 2000 mm or even the same size for the shaft at minimum , cable holes location can be provided by Space Elevators International in the same time of construction of the machine room .

Elevator's Cabin can be adjusted to fit the customer's need , Cabin's size mainly depend on the Elevator's Shaft provided by the customer , Cabin's height can also be modified as per customer's request and it can go as much as 2200 mm.








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